Consumer credit – a loan for anything

Few people in their lives will not be in a situation where he suddenly runs out of money. Outstanding gas or electricity bill, unexpected wedding invitation, spoiled refrigerator a week after buying a new TV, somewhat overpriced ski course your child desperately wants to go to… At this point, a loan is the only available solution. But if you do not want to borrow too much , you will probably find that not everywhere suits you.

This bank offers the so-called Expres loan , starting at USD 30,000. Without a guarantor or pledge, at low interest – and money you can have on your account within five minutes of signing the contract.

You can apply for a loan online and repayments


You can apply for a loan online and repayments can be spread over up to 96 months – but this is especially true for larger loans. You can repay the loan early at any time for free, either in full or in part. It can also be insured against full incapacity for work, loss of employment or disability III. degree.

Also, the bank offers interested parties in the form of so-called. Good Finance can lend funds since 30,000 dollars. Without guarantee and with interest 9.99%. Up to USD 100,000, this loan can be obtained without proof of income, provided that the minimum monthly income is USD 15,000 and two identity documents are submitted. You can apply for it online and choose the amount of the payment yourself.

Here they will lend you as little as 20,000 dollars,


Without the need for any guarantee and purpose, with an interest rate of 8%. You can handle the loan online, attaching only your ID. You will pay a fee for providing a loan of 1% of the total amount, however, at least USD 400, and a monthly fee of USD 59 for account maintenance. You can set the maturity from one month.

This bank is literally a white crow. It offers loans from as low as USD 5,000, completely free of charge, with an interest rate of 8.9%. He promises rewards for timely repayment. It provides loans to its own clients immediately. Of course, everything can be arranged online.

Loans for those who need a loan here

Loan and Credit Loans are for those who need a fast loan now and here. With Loan and Credit Loans you can borrow from USD 15000 and up to USD 75000. At Loan and Credit Loans you also have the option to choose the maturity of your loan from 12 months up to 72 months. You can thus adjust your installments to your finances and have the option of a low monthly payment. You can easily and quickly apply for a loan with Loan and Credit Loan.

Complete a loan application on the Loan and Credit Loan website and get an answer on your loan application right away. If you are approved for a loan, the money will be transferred to your account no later than the following day. On this page you can become much smarter about your loan options at Loan and Credit Loans.

Loan and Credit Loans – Loans now and here

Loan and Credit Loans - Loans now and here

Need a Loan Now and Here? At Loan and Credit Loan you decide how much money you want to borrow and how long you want on your loan. It is both easy and fast to apply for a loan with Loan and Credit Loan. You fill out a loan application directly on Loan and Credit Loan’s website.

The loan application must be filled in with a few details such as your social security number, contact information and information about which bank you use. The application must then be signed with your NemID. You will receive your loan application immediately. If you are approved for a loan, the money will be transferred to your account no later than the following day. Easy and quick.

Loan and Credit Loans – Quick Loans

Loan and Credit Loans - Quick Loans

Apply for a fast loan with Loan and Credit Loans if you urgently need a loan. A quick loan is easily and quickly applied directly to the computer. As Loan and Credit Loan uses its NemID to apply for a loan, the loan process has been made as easy and fast as possible.

This is all done electronically, and there is no need to meet in person or send loan agreements back and forth by mail. You can search around the clock from your computer, tablet or phone and it can be arranged in minutes. The loan will be paid into your account within one day. Therefore, fast loans are incredibly popular if one urgently needs a loan. Easy and quick.

Loan and Credit Loan – Flexible loan

Loan and Credit Loans offers a flexible loan option. Here you can borrow from USD 15000 and up to USD 75000. Here it is your finances your own case and you are not asked what you want to spend the money for. Furthermore, at Loan and Credit Loan, you can choose the maturity of your loan from 12 months up to 72 months.

It allows you to adjust your installments to your finances. Maybe you want to get the loan back out of the world quickly. Or you might prefer slightly lower monthly benefits. It is a very flexible way to borrow money, as you can put together your loan as you wish.

Loan and Credit Loan – A loan with freedom

Loan money from Loan and Credit Loans if you want a loan with a high degree of freedom and self-determination. You decide freely yourself how much money you want to borrow and what you want to spend the money for. It’s an easy and unobtrusive way to lend money as you don’t have to explain your finances to anyone. If you choose a bank loan instead, you will have to convince his bank advisor why a loan is needed.

After the financial crisis, it has become difficult to borrow money in the bank, and your bank advisor may not grant you a loan. With a quick loan at Loan and Credit Loan, you will not have to worry about your personal finances. Here, you are allowed to decide for yourself, and many are drawn to the freedom and self-determination that one gets from an online fast loan.

Loan and Credit Loan – How do I apply for a loan?

Loan and Credit Loan - How do I apply for a loan?

At Loan and Credit Loan it is very easy and fast to apply for a fast loan. You fill out a loan application directly on Loan and Credit Loan’s website. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application. You must provide your social security number, your contact information and which bank you use.

The loan application must be signed with your NemID. You will then immediately receive a loan offer from Loan and Credit Loan. If you can accept the loan offer, you approve and sign this with your NemID. After that, the money will be on your account within 1 day.

Who can borrow from Loan and Credit Loan?

Loan and Credit Loans has the following requirements for their borrowers:

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • You must have a Danish CPR no
  • You must earn a minimum of USD 150000 annually
  • You must have a Danish bank account.
  • You must have a valid NemID.
  • You must not be registered with RKI or the Debtor Register.

Furthermore, Loan and Credit Loans makes an individual credit assessment of you.

If you meet the above requirements, you can apply for a loan from Loan and Credit Loan.

Loan and Credit Loans – Loans without collateral

Loan and Credit Loans - Loans without collateral

Loan and Credit Loans offers unsecured loans. A loan with no collateral means that you do not have to provide collateral for the loan. If you take out a loan in the bank, they will typically require a collateral for the loan. This means that you have to provide, for example, your car or house as collateral for the loan.

The bank uses collateral as a hedge to get their money back. If you suddenly cannot pay off your repayments on your loan, the bank can then sell your car or house to get their money back. At Loan and Credit Loan, no collateral is required, so you do not have to pledge your stuff to be allowed to borrow money. You can thus also get a loan from Loan and Credit Loan, even if you do not own anything of value.

Loan and Credit Loans – Loans without documentation

At Loan and Credit Loans you can get a loan without documentation. When applying for a loan with Loan and Credit Loan, you must sign your loan application with your NemID. Loan and Credit Loans can identify you through your NemID. When you use your NemID, you also authorize Loan and Credit Loans to obtain additional information about you if they deem it necessary.

Loan and Credit Loans can thus collect your annual statement and check if you are registered with RKI. This is used, for example, to make a credit assessment of you. Therefore, it is not necessary to submit any documentation when applying for a loan with Loan and Credit Loan.

Non-bank loans: Consumer loans for anything

In addition to the one-off loan approval and installment fees, the savings bank cooperates with an annual fee for managing the loan of USD 720 per year (ie USD 60 per month). This is similar to that of a bank.

You must be at least 18 years old to get this non-bank loan from Good Finance. In addition, personal identification documents and proof of income are required.

Non-bank loan for anything without restrictions


The provider of this non-bank loan is the savings bank Cooperative Good Finance. So it is not some dubious financial company that you would have to worry about usury interest or other disadvantageous conditions.

Consumer Loan from Good Finance Cooperative is offered from USD 10000. The upper limit of this loan is unlimited – it is based on the guarantees provided and is determined based on your ability to repay.

The basic interest rate on this loan is even more advantageous than what banks usually offer. The minimum interest rate for this non-bank loan is only 6% (for many bank loans it can be 7-12%).

The loan approval fee is the same as the fee charged by banks, ie 1% of the loan amount, at least USD 100 and the maximum amount depends on how much you borrow. These are similar conditions to bank loans. There is also almost always a one-time fee of 1% (exceptionally, the fee is lower, eg 0.8%, and indeed very rarely loans are currently provided without this fee).

The maturity of this non-bank loan can range from 1 to 180 months


This is quite a lot of variable maturity. As a result, the loan from the Good Finance savings cooperative can be used as a short-term loan for only a few months and at the same time as a long-term loan for up to 30 years. This may be useful, for example, when financing housing or other long-term expenditure.

In addition to the one-off loan approval and installment fees, the savings bank cooperates with an annual fee for managing the loan of USD 720 per year (ie USD 60 per month). This is similar to that of a bank.

You must be at least 18 years old to get this non-bank loan from Good Finance. In addition, personal identification documents and proof of income are required.

How high can you get a home loan? | Payday Loans

Before you take out a mortgage, it is important that you already get what loan ratio you can get. This figure can be something that affects which lender it is cheapest to borrow from. The loan-to-value ratio is the part of the house purchase that you can have as the mortgage loan and where the home itself becomes collateral for the loan.

Currently, this sum is a maximum of 85% of the value. The other 15% must therefore be financed in other ways such as cash contributions and top loans. Also, it is not certain that all banks and lenders offer you as much as 85% loan-to-value ratio, but it may well be 70 – 85% depending on who you turn to.

Cheaper to borrow from someone


If a lender only offers you 75% as a loan-to-value ratio, then it may be cheaper to borrow from someone who offers you 85% but who has a slightly higher interest rate on the mortgage. The reason for this is that the mortgage loan is still so much cheaper than borrowing money in the form of a top loan, where you have no collateral for the loan and thus also clearly higher interest rates.

How high can the loan ratio be?


As we said, the maximum loan-to-value ratio is currently 85%, which is by far the largest part of the cost. However, there are a number of different factors that can affect your potential loan-to-value ratio. This is because you can borrow 85% of either the price of the home or the valuation, whichever is the lower.

If the valuation of the property falls below the price, you can only borrow against the valuation. This means that you who have bought a house that is more expensive than it is valued unfortunately can not borrow as much as you might need and then you are forced to find more money elsewhere.

If you buy a house that is worth a lot of money but for some reason you can buy cheaply, the high loan-to-value ratio will allow you to cover most of the cost. On the contrary, if you buy a house that is not worth much but for which you have to pay an expensive price. For example, if you buy a house for 2 million that the lender does not consider is worth more than 1.5 million. You can only borrow at most 85% of 1.5 million, even though you actually put 2 million on the purchase.

It is possible to get a 100% loan-to-value ratio on certain special (and very few) occasions. One of these is if a rental right is to be converted to tenant-owner. Then it can sometimes be that the cost of the condominium is much lower than the market value and then it can get very good loan-to-value ratio.

Some calculation examples for loan-to-value ratio

Some calculation examples for loan-to-value ratio

It is the valuation of the home or the purchase price that, together with the lender’s rules, determines what the loan-to-value ratio will be. Suppose you buy a house valued at 1.25 million and that you pay 1 million for this. If you get a loan-to-value ratio of 85%, this means that the bottom loan will guarantee 85% of the price, which means that a bottom loan of max. 850,000 USD. The remaining 15%, ie USD 150,000, must then be financed through top loan or cash payment.

If the situation is instead so that you buy a house for 1.25 million but which is only valued at 1 million and you get a loan-to-value ratio of the same 85%, the mortgage will be secured for USD 850,000 even in this situation. In this case, you would thus need to finance as much as USD 400,000 of the purchase in the form of cash payment and top loan.

Summary of the loan-to-value ratio and what to consider

Summary of the loan-to-value ratio and what to consider

When you take out a mortgage, you obviously have to consider the loan-to-value ratio as it plays quite a big role. As we wrote earlier, a higher loan-to-value ratio of a bank can do more on the total cost of the loan than the difference in interest rates does.

It is also important that the home you buy does not cost too much in relation to how much it is worth as it may mean that you have to find a clearly larger sum elsewhere than what you can get as a mortgage. This is money that you must either have saved and can pay in cash or money you can borrow elsewhere, like an expensive top loan.

How much you can get in top loans also depends on your financial situation. The bank looks at what your finances look like and determines what they think is a reasonable loan ratio for you. Check with lenders what they offer and make your choices based on how good loan terms you can get.

Pending accounts? The negative effect of debts

How dangerous are debts. People lose their home mortgage, states start wars. The negative effect of debts makes our lives and economy at risk. Debts exist at the beginning only on a paper which commits in a contract to pay a credit. If not, the bank seizes it, for example your home. Who gets into debt to buy a car, buy a home or pay for vacations, is at greater risk.

Who is indebted to invest, for example as a lessor can and even have a profit.

Who is indebted to invest, for example as a lessor can and even have a profit.


From debts, a whole financial industry subsists. They negotiate with debt instruments and bet on bankruptcy.

A country is seriously threatened when its debts exceed its gross domestic product.

Likewise, a person is at risk when requesting credits that he cannot pay.

When we cannot pay the bills, it is there that the negative effect of the debts takes its course.

The risk increases over time. Not paying on time will cost you more interest.

Tips to free yourself from the negative effects of debts


– Cut expenses. This means making sacrifices, not giving us as many tastes as we used to.

– Restricts the use of credit card. Rather try to pay as much as you can to lower interest rates.

– Reduce trips to restaurants or parties. If they invite you, nothing will happen if you say no.

– Compare prices of home or personal services such as the internet or your cell phone plan.

– Spend less, invest more. Find a way to use your money to make investments and even just what is necessary.

Manage a family budget and plan for tomorrow.

Manage a family budget and plan for tomorrow.

– Do not waste, on the contrary it saves. Saving will be essential to achieve a dream like buying a new house or a new phone.

– And finally, work with the cash culture

Where to find the most convenient refinancing loans?

That individuals have a disadvantageous loan. This isn’t always so strange today. This could happen for two reasons, the very first being that there were forget about offers at the time of the application for the loan and that person had used the first offered loan instead of the one that was the most beneficial. The second reason may be that advancements in the banking and non-banking markets have changed. That which was advantageous before may not be advantageous today.

How to solve the situation? Is actually pretty simple. It is possible to address a current bank or non-bank firm with a request for an advantage. If this does not meet with success, addititionally there is option number two, that is refinancing loans. In practice, it really is about transferring them somewhere else. In this case, it is necessary to look at 3 aspects right away. These are:

  • Amount of payment
  • Duration associated with repayment
  • Rate of interest

Since the refinancing of the loan emerges by a wide range of providers these days, it is good to know who will be among the best. That’s what we centered on. To begin with, please note that the info is valid at the time of composing and publishing this article.

Transfer of mortgage from Cashmolis

Transfer of loan from Cashmolis

The very first option we look at is usually associated with the largest and also the most widely known bank in the country. Transferring that loan from Cashmolis is the item that is definitely worth wondering and searching. This is because we are able to classify it as a very good option. The main attraction this is a total interest rate of five. 9 percent. But they is not going to disappoint other parameters that could be associated with the new loan.

Another plus is it is possible to refinance or even transfer an amount of up to CZK 700, 000. Depending on this particular, it is also a fact that you can pick from a very interesting maturity. Just for smaller loans, 12 months can come in handy. For the bigger to the largest, it is certainly useful that the amount could be repaid for up to 120 a few months, which is basically 10 years.

mYBank refinancing financial loans

mYBank refinancing loans

We go to an additional option, which is mYBank re-financing loans. This bank is principally known for its innovations and exactly how it can approach clients. And also this shows this possibility of re-financing. Those who apply for it can provide their loan quite a substantial advantage, thanks to an interest rate that will starts at 4. nine percent. The benefits are also authorized by other things where we are able to specifically include just the subsequent:

  • Charge for provision – zero CZK
  • Administration fee – 0 CZK
  • Early pay back fee – 0 CZK

With regards to the characteristics of the transferred mortgage, it is possible to transfer one hundred 1000 crowns less than in the previous situation. It is therefore possible to exchange the amount of 600 000 Czech crowns. From this is after that created a new loan, which could have a maturity of one season, or 12 months, up to an amount of 84 months. This is within the hands of the client themselves.

Eicredit re-financing loans

Eicredit refinancing loans

One of the most fascinating lenders of recent times. However, it could be called Zonky. The reason being it falls into the P2P loan segment, where those who have the status of traders for specific loan applications. The particular loan refinancing Eicredit display that applicants can each receive a new loan plus refinance an existing loan. This particular applies to the same favorable rate of interest as new products.

If we are specific, this particular P2P loan mainly draws in the opportunity to reach an interest rate associated with 3. 99 percent. In relation to the parameters of the moved loan, it must completely correspond to the parameters that this new loan may have. Particularly, we are talking about the maximum move of 500 000 CZK and take advantage of the offer associated with repayment, which, compared to the competition mentioned already starts with 6 months. The longest time period is 84 calendar several weeks.

OneLoan Financial institution Credit transfer

OneLoan Bank Credit transfer

We will a bank that has continued to be in the background of huge or small innovative variants in recent years. However , it should not have to get forgotten, as it clearly plus well shows that it has a great deal to offer to money searchers. The amount is very interesting. OneLoan Bank The transfer from the loan will enable the particular transfer of an amount of CZK 1, 000, 000. However the pros definitely does not finish there.

The eye rate that can be attained is not really neglected either. This is an excellent 2 . 9 percent. The particular loan can be advantageously actually very significant way. When it comes to repayment period, it will not dissatisfy. We can label it as being a period that is basically regular. This is clearly confirmed with the fact that the shortest time period is a year or a year and the longest period is certainly 96 calendar months.

Aquoris Bank ReLoan

Aquoris Bank ReLoan

Small, modern plus innovative bank. And as quickly as you learn, it is a financial institution that can be described as the one that can be convenient. Aquoris Bank ReLoan is our clear champion. It is true that the amount, it lags somewhat here. But it is not substantial, as the maximum amount could be transferred in the amount of six hundred 000 crowns. Furthermore, you will find only pros.

The first concerns the length of pay back. It starts at six months, which is useful for those who would like to get rid of their commitment as quickly as possible. The maximum maturity of 120 months, or 10 years, will be perfectly suited to anyone who chooses to transfer the largest amounts. And what about the interest rate? It really is 2 . 90 percent, that is the same as the previous option. However it should be added that Aquoris Bank ReLoan has to that end several percent more advantageous APRC, which we have to deservingly put it first.

Manual to survive your credit card

With proper handling, the credit card turns out to be a tool and an indispensable ally to obtain economic facilities that give you immediate solutions.

The problem comes when you exceed the use and fit of your credit cards in unnecessary purchases. On the other hand, ignorance of the correct functioning of the cards can have an impact on your pocket.

According to data recorded by the Superintendency of Banks (SIB), at the end of 2018, credit card loans represented 6% of the portfolio and debts with plastic money represented a growth of 12%. In addition, the credit portfolio for consumption through cards in Guatemala totaled $ 1,464 million, 12% more than the data reported at the end of 2017.

How to have a credit card and survive to tell it?

How to have a credit card and survive to tell it?

  • Use it as a last resort

If you do not have economic stability, try to use it, if possible, for expenses that you can defer to a single fee. This is the only way to prevent your purchases from generating interest. Using it as a means of financing to pay credits or education, in the medium and long term, makes you pay twice and sometimes triple what you thought at the time.

  • With one card is enough

If you have the need to purchase one, do your best to make it the only one you drive. In this way you will know the limit of your credit and you will not be tempted to make excessive and meaningless expenses that affect your financial well-being.

Differences between the cut-off date and the payment date of your card

Differences between the cut-off date and the payment date of your card

The cut-off date is the day stipulated by the bank as the end of the record of the purchases you made during the month with your credit card.

The payment date is the last day offered by the bank to pay the fee for the purchases you made during the month. Usually the bank sets the payment date 20 days after the cutoff date.

You should keep in mind that if you can make payments or payments in advance of your payment date, you will avoid default interest and free up quota for future purchases.

  • Say NO to progress

This modality of the credit card allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs of the financial institution. The disadvantage of this function is that the banks automatically defer the term to pay said loan, in many occasions, from 18 to 36 months, which generates a high amount of interest.

  • Security

Thanks to the cards we can access the purchase of different products or services through national and international web portals, a process that facilitates our desire to buy, but which is extremely risky if you do not have the precautions of the case. Therefore, it is very important that you verify the security of the web portals you access before entering your password to avoid cloning and make purchases in your name.

Credit card with a debt

Credit card with a debt

If these tips did not arrive on time in your life and you already have a credit card with a debt that is a stone in the shoe for your finances, the best decision you can make is to request a Good Finance Credit to consolidate that obligation and make a Immediate payment. This will not increase bank interest and you will not have to pay the bank more than you actually spent.

Remember that if you need a totally free financial advice on credits to make your dream come true, you can do it with Good Finance Credits, with custom-made fees, no surety and in less than 24 hours.

These municipalities offer the most cottage for the money

criterionDescriptionSourceLength of stayThe average length of stay in holiday homes in Denmark per municipality is calculated using Boliga.

The bedtime is calculated based on the homes that are for sale right now.

money cash

Boligaland taxLand tax, also called land tax or property tax, is a tax on the very land that you own and are collected by the municipalities.
TURX performs an assessment of your reason called basic value. In addition, the municipality in which your holiday home is located establishes a basic debt profile between 16 and 34 in each municipality. What you have to pay depends on the basic debt profile in relation to the basic value. If your municipality has a per capita of 25, that means you have to pay 2.5 percent of your basic value in tax. The basic debt in this study is calculated on the basis of the basic value of an average single-family house in the municipality from 2013-2018.

The basic value is compared to the basic debt profile of the given municipality.

money coins

This is calculated by Bolius.BoliusBurglary per. inhabitantThis criterion is calculated by finding the average number of reported burglaries in housing in the municipalities over the past 5 years. The average number of burglaries in housing from each municipality has been compared to the number of inhabitants in the municipalities. Thus, the average break-in per. per capita calculated.StatbankSquare meter price in kronerThe average square meter price in Danish kroner on holiday homes per municipality is calculated by Boliga. The square meter prices are calculated on the basis of the homes that are for sale right now.BoligaDevelopment in cottage pricesThis criterion is calculated so that the average square meter price in Danish kroner on holiday homes per.

Home loan: Forget leases

It always catches my attention how some families or couples who earn very well continue to pay rent for years, without realizing the dream of their own home. And this is because buying a house is not an easy decision, except a unilateral decision. But above all, this indecision occurs, because sometimes we do not have a short-term financial plan, less in the medium or long term.

To get the house of our dreams it is necessary to define three themes with our partner:


What expectations do we have of the space and environment

What functions do we want to fulfill: room, office, exclusive parenting, etc .; about the environment, what services we want nearby or if we prefer a retired place.


Quote the house of our dreams

home loan

Once you have defined step 1, you can use several of the real estate websites, applications for smartphones or one of the many real estate magazines that exist in the market and take price ranges according to the location, space and conditions that you want your home to have. It is important to clarify that it will influence the price if it is a future good or a well built, number of rooms, close to parks, avenues, with or without parking, if it is a closed complex (and the benefits that this contains) etc.


How much we are willing to save to pay a monthly fee

home loan

If they still manage separate budgets, it is necessary that each separate fixed expenses (electricity, water, telephone, lease, gasoline or transport, market etc) and put aside all the money they could save, committing it to reach the goal and avoiding falling into superfluous expenses

Once these three points have been agreed, we can opt for financing and for this we must do the following:

  1. Enter and compare housing loans Placing the amount of the property we want to buy and calculate according to total income (both spouses) how much is the time and the fee we should pay.
  2. In order to think about the purchase of a real estate property, it is always necessary to have an initial fee, depending on the type of housing, this must be at least 10% of the total value (if they apply to housing subsidies), if they are not entitled to the subsidy value ranges between 20 and 30%. In that case, the first thing you should do is open a scheduled savings account. This account is a type of savings that banks offer with all the benefits and security of a savings account but with less facilities to withdraw money, so that it is not money that is easily spent but remains saved and should go growing month by month with the deposits of the spouses to seek to reach the goal of the initial fee, the first step to have their own home.
  3. Set a short-term goal to reach the desired amount.

If it was useful, tell me and in my next post I will help you choose the financial institution for your mortgage loan.