Consumer credit – a loan for anything

Few people in their lives will not be in a situation where he suddenly runs out of money. Outstanding gas or electricity bill, unexpected wedding invitation, spoiled refrigerator a week after buying a new TV, somewhat overpriced ski course your child desperately wants to go to… At this point, a loan is the only available solution. But if you do not want to borrow too much , you will probably find that not everywhere suits you.

This bank offers the so-called Expres loan , starting at USD 30,000. Without a guarantor or pledge, at low interest – and money you can have on your account within five minutes of signing the contract.

You can apply for a loan online and repayments


You can apply for a loan online and repayments can be spread over up to 96 months – but this is especially true for larger loans. You can repay the loan early at any time for free, either in full or in part. It can also be insured against full incapacity for work, loss of employment or disability III. degree.

Also, the bank offers interested parties in the form of so-called. Good Finance can lend funds since 30,000 dollars. Without guarantee and with interest 9.99%. Up to USD 100,000, this loan can be obtained without proof of income, provided that the minimum monthly income is USD 15,000 and two identity documents are submitted. You can apply for it online and choose the amount of the payment yourself.

Here they will lend you as little as 20,000 dollars,


Without the need for any guarantee and purpose, with an interest rate of 8%. You can handle the loan online, attaching only your ID. You will pay a fee for providing a loan of 1% of the total amount, however, at least USD 400, and a monthly fee of USD 59 for account maintenance. You can set the maturity from one month.

This bank is literally a white crow. It offers loans from as low as USD 5,000, completely free of charge, with an interest rate of 8.9%. He promises rewards for timely repayment. It provides loans to its own clients immediately. Of course, everything can be arranged online.

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