These municipalities offer the most cottage for the money

criterionDescriptionSourceLength of stayThe average length of stay in holiday homes in Denmark per municipality is calculated using Boliga.

The bedtime is calculated based on the homes that are for sale right now.

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Boligaland taxLand tax, also called land tax or property tax, is a tax on the very land that you own and are collected by the municipalities.
TURX performs an assessment of your reason called basic value. In addition, the municipality in which your holiday home is located establishes a basic debt profile between 16 and 34 in each municipality. What you have to pay depends on the basic debt profile in relation to the basic value. If your municipality has a per capita of 25, that means you have to pay 2.5 percent of your basic value in tax. The basic debt in this study is calculated on the basis of the basic value of an average single-family house in the municipality from 2013-2018.

The basic value is compared to the basic debt profile of the given municipality.

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This is calculated by Bolius.BoliusBurglary per. inhabitantThis criterion is calculated by finding the average number of reported burglaries in housing in the municipalities over the past 5 years. The average number of burglaries in housing from each municipality has been compared to the number of inhabitants in the municipalities. Thus, the average break-in per. per capita calculated.StatbankSquare meter price in kronerThe average square meter price in Danish kroner on holiday homes per municipality is calculated by Boliga. The square meter prices are calculated on the basis of the homes that are for sale right now.BoligaDevelopment in cottage pricesThis criterion is calculated so that the average square meter price in Danish kroner on holiday homes per.

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